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GRP Materials


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Reinforcements                                                                                                      Back to the top

Chopped Strand Mat 1st Quality The most commonly used form of glassfibre reinforcement. Available in six standards weights. Conforms to Lloyds and British Standard Specifications.


Chopped Strand Mat Commercial Quality Available in three standard weights:


Chopped Strands Available in 3, 4.5, 6, 12.5 and 25mm lengths, used to reinforce resins, thermoplastics and gypsum.


Surfacing Tissue A very fine glassfibre surfacing material, provides a resin rich smoother surface to c.s.m. laminates. Available in two sizes:


Glassfibre Tape Used mainly as a repair bandage, the selvedges of the tape give a clean line to the repair or joint. Available in the following sizes:
25mm wide
38mm wide
50mm wide
75mm wide
100mm wide
150mm wide


Polyester Resins                                                                                                    Back to the top

Resin PF100 General Purpose A pre-accelerated laminating resin suitable for marine, automotive and general repair applications.


Resin PF100 Environmental A general purpose laminating resin specially formulated to emit low levels of styrene, thus reducing odour and ventilation problems.


Resin GC100 Gelcoat A highly thixotropic resin used for the initial surface coat against the mould, air exposed surfaces dry with a tacky touch.


Resin GC100W White A white pigmented version of Resin GC100.


Resin PF500 Casting A very clear, low exotherm resin used in conjunction with filler powder for the reproduction of fine art models.


Poracast A fast-curing extremely low shrinkage, two component polyurethane casting resin. Produces hard, high impact resistant castings.


Resin PF700L Clear Casting A clear encapsulating resin suitable for embedding specimens and making paperweights.


Catalyst (Hardener) Medium Activity Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide, medium activity for hardening polyester resin and gelcoat.


Cleaning and Thinning                                                                                          Back to the top

Acetone Used for cleaning brushes and tools.


Bonding and Filling                                                                                               Back to the top

Polyester Filler A pre-mixed quick-setting paste, works and rubs down easily.


Glassfibre Re-Enforced Body Filler Available in three sizes:
No1. Pack
No2. Pack
No3. Pack


Bonding Paste A highly thixotropic Polyester jointing compound, used for bonding G.R.P. laminates and timber etc.


G4 Polyurethane Sealer Used for sealing damp concrete or plaster surface before applying G.R.P. laminate.


Tools and Equipment                                                                                            Back to the top

Brushes White bristle laminating brushes ideally suitable for applying resin.


Catalyst Dispensers Used for the accurate measure and dispensing of catalyst. Safe and economical.


Syringes Used for measuring small quantities of catalyst.


Mixing Cups Plastic cups for mixing small quantities of resin, polyurethane foam etc.


Stanley Knives Ideal for cutting glassmat and trimming laminates.


Stanley Blades Heavy duty blades.


Scissors Heavy duty, hard wearing.


Plastic Mould Wedges For demoulding GRP lay ups, without damaging mould edges. Supplied in rigid and flexible grades.


Mixing Sticks Two sizes available:
6" long x 3/4" wide
12" long x 3/4" wide


Moulding Materials                                                                                                Back to the top

Wax Fillet Used to form accurate radii on moulding patterns, will adhere to wood and coated surfaces. Supplied in boxes containing 20-100ft in 2ft lengths.


Wax Fillet Tools Used to apply wax fillet to pattern surface.


Protective Wear & Products                                                                                  Back to the top

Respirators A good quality face mask, for protection against dust or fume hazards, including filters. Manufactured to B.S.2091 Standard.


Fume Filters  


Dust Filters  


'3M' 4251 Type Dust Mask A good quality organic Vapour / Dust Mask.


Kleen-All Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser  


Hand Barrier Cream Should be applied to the skin before any work is commenced for protection against resins.


Powder And Pigments                                                                                           Back to the top

Aerosil Powder An extremely lightweight filler, used as a thixotropic additive.


Slate Powder A dense grey/green filler used extensively with epoxy resins.


Fillite Powder Microscopic silica spheres, lighter in density than talc fillers, used in laminates to increase rigidity and hardness.


Aluminium Trihydrate Filler Used as a resin bulking agent, producing an onyx/marble effect. Alumina also imparts fire retardency to the resin.