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SILASTIC mould-making materials from Dow Corning are two-part products consisting of a flowable silicone rubber base and matching curing agent (or catalyst). These materials are easy to use, give superb release and surface reproduction, are long lasting, and do not require special dispensing or handling equipment. The versatile range of Silastic mouldmaking rubbers means that whatever the original to be reproduced and whatever the casting material, Dow Corning has a product designed for optimum performance.


Choosing the Right Product

This is often a difficult task and is primarily dependent on the complexity and nature of the original to be copied. The tables in this catalogue will help determine which product should be considered first, though in many cases a number of materials may prove equally suitable. Final selection should be made with the help of our Technical Department, and ultimately through your own trials and experience. Please ensure that you obtain and read the relevant Production Information and Safe Handling Instruction sheets before use; these essential documents contain full details of each product, as well as how-to-use procedures and precautions to be taken.


General Purpose Materials

Particularly in the artistic field, the reproduction of artefacts using silicone moulds has become very sophisticated, and high performance products such as Silastic 3481 are commonly used.
However, there are many instances when only a few copies are required; the original has few or no undercuts; or only surface details of a flat substrate are required. In these cases, a lower strength general purpose silicone product may be quite suitable for the task and provide a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution.
Silastic 3110, Silastic 3120 offer a choice for such applications.


High Performance Materials


High performance condensation cure Silastic mouldmaking rubbers are typically characterised by high tear strength and elasticity (high elongation at break and low Shore A hardness). These properties, along with good flowability, mean that very complex originals with deep undercuts can be successfully reproduced time and time again, using straightforward one- or two-part moulds.
With a choice of different base products, different speed curing agents and a thixotropic additive available, virtually all objects and surfaces can be reproduced, whether movable or not. This versatility means that Silastic 3481, Silastic 3483 and Silastic 3487 are the obvious choice for many applications, especially artistic.


The primary benefit of addition cure silicone rubbers in the field of mouldmaking is their very low shrinkage after curing. This can be critical for some technical applications such as engineering design and prototyping. In addition to this feature, Silastic S, Silastic V, Silastic M, Silastic P1 and Silastic T-4 also have excellent stability at elevated temperatures (200 - 250C). This can be important when using casting resins of high exotherm, or those materials requiring heat as part of the forming process. All have good mechanical properties and produce tough, durable moulds.

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