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Casting Ancillaries


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Plaster Retarder Tri-sodium citrate crystals, which when dissolved in water produces a very strong and effective retarder for all types of plaster.


Splash Brushes Normally used for brushing plaster into cornice and ceiling rose moulds.


Hand Mixing Bowls Range of specially imported mixing bowls, manufactured of a special anti-adherent plastic. Very durable and resistant, ideal for mixing smaller amounts of plaster.


Hessian Scrim Used for reinforcing plaster sculpture and moulds.


Mortar Trowels  


Sanding Sponges  


Gelflex This vinyl moulding compound is very popular, especially with fibrous plasterers. It can be melted down and re-used many times, making it very economical. Available in hard or soft grade.


Vinyl Gloves  


Zinc Strips  


Grove Knifes Has a special profile which cuts a distinct groove for accurate location of joins in silicone moulds.


Grimex Wipes  


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